What is the process of garment paper bag customization?

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Usually when we go shopping in the mall, there are a variety of beautifully packaged clothing, clothing and so on. It can be seen that clothing paper bags are widely used, but many people are not very familiar with the customization process of clothing paper bags. So what is the customization process of clothing paper bags?

1. design

Clothing paper bag customization can help product promotion, can print eye-catching LOGO on the packaging bag, these things can be customized according to the needs of customers, and can achieve the effect customers want. For the layout design of customers, the typeset documents must be sent to customers for confirmation before proofing.

2. material selection

After the client's manuscript is confirmed, we will prepare the materials for making the garment paper bag according to the specifications, thickness and product features required by the client.

3. Printing, compounding and bag making

The common printing technology of clothing paper bag includes offset printing, copper plate printing, etc. it is mainly selected according to the effect that customers need to achieve. The price of normal offset printing is relatively cheap, but it has no good effect. After printing, it is the composite of thermal seal layer and other functional film layers, which needs to be matured after the completion of composite. After the completion of compounding, detect the compounding situation, mark the bad places, and then cut and rewind. Put the cut and rewound roll film on the corresponding bag making machine for bag making.

4. packaging

After the customization of garment paper bags, they will pass strict inspection and the qualified products will be packaged.

5. shipment

After the completion of packing, then according to the customer's requirements, send logistics.

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