Advantages of Paper Packaging Containers

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1.Paper Packaging Containers can effectively protect products. Packing containers made of cardboard have certain strength and elasticity, while cartons made of corrugated cardboard have better elasticity than those made of other packaging materials.

2.Suitable for production in various ways. Paper containers can be manually made and are also suitable for large-scale mechanized production with high production efficiency.

3.There are many structural changes. Paper containers can be designed in various forms, such as circular, square, etc. They can also be used for box lining, rocking cover extension, pressure curve, window opening, etc.

4. Easy to process. Paper and cardboard have excellent foldability and are easy to fold into the desired shape.

5.Good printing performance. Paper and cardboard are interwoven by fibers. They are easy to absorb ink and paint. The printed patterns and words are clear and firm.

6.The occupied space is small. Many paper containers can be folded into flat plates for easy transportation and storage.

7.Low cost. Paper packaging materials have abundant sources of raw materials and are easy to produce, so the price of paper containers is low.

8.No environmental pollution. Paper containers can be recycled and reproduced as raw materials. They have no waste, unlike plastic materials, which can cause environmental pollution.

9.Hygienic and non-toxic. Paper packaging materials are harmless to human body, especially for food packaging. Paper containers have been re-used for food packaging in many countries.

10.Composite materials can be made. Paper is easy to be made into composite packaging paper with thin plastic film, etc. It can also be made into special paper or cardboard by adding various fillers, so that it has better performance.

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