Composition and market trend of kraft paper bag

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Kraft paper bag packaging has brought great convenience to people in today's society. Among them, kraft paper bag has also been chosen and used by businesses. Kraft paper bag is widely used in the market, so many manufacturers are producing kraft paper bag.

Kraft paper is a more traditional industry, and the size of orders are different, the printing quality is also different, the length of construction period and other factors are an indispensable part of kraft paper bags.

First of all, in terms of printing, the smoothness of printed kraft paper bag or paperboard is highly reproducible by the fiber shape and the printed matter brushed by kraft paper bag. The time required for a certain volume of air to pass through the gap between the sample surface and the glass surface under a certain pressure under a certain vacuum. Kraft paper bags are finally made into paper in a paper machine.

The higher the ration of kraft paper bag, the higher the paper density, and the higher the reproduction ability of the printed matter printed by kraft paper bag. Kraft paper bag is a kind of environmental protection packaging material. Compared with other environmental protection packaging materials, it has high cost performance. Although kraft paper bag can not completely replace plastic bag, with the enhancement of environmental protection, the market of kraft paper bag may exceed the use of plastic bag in the future.

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