The reason of affecting glossiness of kraft paper bag

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Most kraft paper bag manufacturers, in the production process of kraft paper bags, there is a problem of tarnish. If this happens, kraft paper bags can not be delivered. So what influences the glossiness of kraft paper bags?

1、 Spray powder and get damp, resulting in hardening

When wet powder is sprayed on the wet ink surface, the printing surface of kraft paper bag will be very rough.

2、 Incorrect ink ratio

If the water is too much ink, it is easy to cause the problem of oil in water. If the water is dry, it will show that the ink is rare, and the amount of ink can not meet the requirements, so the glossiness of the printed matter can not reach the ideal effect.

3、 Improper adjustment of equipment

Improper adjustment of the equipment will cause glossiness on the surface of the kraft paper bag, and the printing will form an ink layer on the surface of the printed matter. If this ink layer is not up to the standard, it is likely to make the glossiness of the printing surface very low.

4、 Printing wetting liquid does not decompose ink

The printing wetting liquid of kraft paper bag is acid and corrosive. It can not only decompose ink, but also damage paper. Therefore, in order to maintain the glossiness of kraft paper bag, it is necessary to improve the printing wetting agent and optimize the acid and alkali on the premise of no influence.

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