The second level of clothing paper bag can determine the level of paper bag manufacturers

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Generally, the paper bags we see are based on the manufacturer's inspection standards. If we look at two positions, we can judge whether the large goods ordered by the clothing paper bags are qualified products. Many people will surely say that either the quality or the color difference, of course, these two points are also very important. If they are not done well, let alone discuss them in depth. But today we will put these two simple points first In terms of the other two important influences, we call them the second inspection checkpoint.

1. The glue at the mouth is used to glue. Now, many garment paper bags are ordered on the market by using a piece of paper, and then the paper bags can be folded by using a knife die through the beer technology, and then the paper bags can be folded by glue, so that the creases can be folded automatically. However, we can make the beer marks of these paper bags, which are usually the creases in the middle of the two ends of the paper bags, in fact It's made by beer technology. For the sake of effect, a good craftsman will not fold from the top beer to the bottom, but from the beer to the bottom, it's only about 7 ~ 10cm, which can make the bottom close. Although the technology is very difficult, it also means that it's easy to have problems. When you get the paper bag, you can try the folding position more to see if there's any crack at this position. It's also a tester Fu's skill.

2. The opening distance of the chicken eye, which seems to be a very simple process, will easily cause problems. The most taboo for consumers is that the paper bag is broken, which has a great impact on the consumer experience, so the paper bag customization needs to ensure this basic function. Most of the time, the break is not the portable rope, but the chicken eye of the paper bag can not support, which tears the opening of the paper bag, so at this time, Master is very particular about the control distance of the corns, as well as the parallel distance and the distance from the bag mouth. It's hard to say the specific value, because it depends on the size of the paper bag to make each corns evenly stressed. In this way, the paper bags will not appear inferior products. Chinese style

The above is what needs to be considered for inspection after the completion of garment paper bags. Through these two points, we can judge the quality of paper bags and the level of factories, so this is also the standard to measure the level of paper bag manufacturers.

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