How to increase the load bearing capacity of kraft paper bag

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Kraft paper bag with high strength, high environmental protection and tensile property is one of the most popular packaging at present. It has a wide range of use. Shanghai maihe packaging is a professional kraft paper bag processing, according to different customers, to meet customer demand for kraft paper bags.

1、 Material of kraft paper bag

The quality of the product depends on the materials used. The weight of kraft paper bags is 4-15kg for different weight materials. Shanghai maihe packaging has achieved the best effect by professional design, so that the kraft paper bags can be reused many times.

2、 The design of leather and paper bag

Generally speaking, the hand-in-hand of kraft paper bag is punched in the bag body, and then tied after the rope is threaded in. The thickness of the hand-in-hand and the reinforcement of the bag body will directly affect the load-bearing effect of the kraft paper bag. Shanghai maihe packaging automatic bag making equipment drilling, drilling corns, threading the whole assembly line, without manual participation, not only high efficiency and low cost, but also fast delivery.

3、 Bottom design of kraft paper bag

The bottom of the kraft paper bag is glued, and the inner part is reinforced with thick cardboard, so that the kraft paper bag can easily bear about 5kg. Large size kraft paper bags need to use heavier materials, and paper bag printing will package kraft paper bags into high-end gift bags, so the publicity effect is better.

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