How to embody creativity and innovation in paper handbag design?

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In the design of the paper handbag, the creative idea should be carried out according to the object of the paper handbag and the practical and other characteristics of the product. Whether the whole handbag presents the traditional style or the sense of the times, and whether the material used is paper or natural goods, it needs to be considered in the early stage. On the front of the handbag, the company logo and company name are mainly used, or the company's advertising language is mainly used to establish the brand and expand the sales. The design should pursue the novel and avant-garde concept, such as traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, paper-cut art, etc. Fashion creative style needs to break the Convention. It can combine the common articles or other aspects in daily life to create a visual illusion, so as to attract attention and win a 100% return rate. The ultimate goal of handbag is to earn customers' eyes. The higher the return rate, the more successful the design, the handbag designer should give full play to your imagination, observe more, and sometimes the creativity comes from life 。

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