Four details of paper handbag customization

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1、 Illustration of handbag

In the design of handbag, cartoon illustrations and some shooting illustrations are used to convey the purpose of visual image intuitively and accurately, so as to attract other people's attention.

2、 A picture of a handbag

The high-end handbag packaging pictures are generally composed of lines and color blocks, with decoration interest and general meaning. Give illustrations and contrast in composition. Strengthen the connection between various composition elements. If there is no beautiful picture in the composition mainly composed of words, it will be monotonous.

3、 Tote Bag symbol

The symbol of the handbag is mainly the use of symbol and trademark. The design of the picture with symbol is simple and concise. It uses standard color, standard text, and focuses on the role of visual consistency.

4、 Font design of handbag

Font has main body font, auxiliary font and English font mother. It is the logo of the first outstanding brand and shop. The theme font should be concise and colorful. Font can be placed in an eye-catching and orderly manner, using image memory to stare at consumers.

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