What factors should be considered in the gift paper handbag?

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Factors to consider for gift paper bags:

1. In terms of design

The gift paper handbag with exquisite design will be loved by people. Even if there are striking advertisements or trademarks printed, consumers will be willing to reuse them. It has become one of the most efficient and cheap advertising carriers at present.

2. In terms of material

For the customization of gift paper handbags, we generally recommend customers to use high-grade and high-quality paper, kraft paper or plastic, so as to obtain better printing effect and greater load-bearing capacity. Choosing such materials can better serve customers and often achieve the best purpose.

3. In terms of printing methods

The paper handbag is usually printed by offset printing, while the plastic handbag is usually printed by screen printing. Before printing, there are many procedures. Need to produce film, proofing, etc.

4. In terms of product form

Most of the gift packages are "bag" type printed products, the primary function is to load items, the secondary function is to print through surface design, which plays the role of publicity and notification. In special cases, it also has some other auxiliary functions.

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