How to customize a personalized paper handbag?

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In the design of paper handbag, we should fully understand the practical and other characteristics of the product according to the temperament and taste of the product. Whether the whole paper handbag presents the traditional style or the sense of today's times, and whether the material used is paper or natural goods, it should be considered in the early stage

1. Innovative version

The traditional pattern is vertical or horizontal. I think the horizontal pattern is very atmospheric, but basically these are the regular patterns. Now the paper bag breaking the conventional pattern is very innovative, giving people a strong visual impact. For example, the logo of an electrical company is a lion. It designs a lion shaped gift bag, which is fashionable and avant-garde. However, the cost of such plate making and production is relatively high.

2. Novel pictures and texts

On the front of the handbag, the company logo and company name are mainly used, or the company's advertising language is mainly used to establish the brand and expand the sales. The design should pursue the novel and avant-garde concept, such as traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, paper-cut art, etc. Fashion creative style needs to break the routine. Visual illusion can be generated by combining common items or other aspects in daily life to attract eyes and win one hundred percent return. The ultimate purpose of handbag is to earn customers' eyes. The higher the return rate is, the more successful the design is. The handbag designer can use your imagination and observe more. Sometimes, creativity comes from life 。

3. The particularity of paper grain

It's really important to choose a piece of paper with characteristics for packaging. The natural feeling created by the texture of the paper makes the handbag have a natural noble temperament.

4. Innovation of handbag accessories

Accessories of the handbag refer to accessories, such as lock pick, rope decoration and handle creativity.

Customized personalized handbag, which point you choose will make your product packaging unique, and the unique and tasteful packaging will improve your product brand recognition. Xinpai packaging is good at handbag customization. It is common to see special-shaped and personalized handbags now. If you grasp any point, you don't need to over package. What you need is that creativity doesn't go with the flow, instead of just using the most expensive materials and crafts.

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