Why kraft paper handbags are more and more popular in the market?

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When we go to the mall to buy clothes or shoes, the shopkeeper will generally give us a kraft paper handbag. On the one hand, it benefits from the environmental protection performance of kraft paper, helps to improve the image of the enterprise, and on the other hand, it benefits from the excellent physical performance of kraft paper.

Kraft paper is one of the best materials for making handbags because of its strong wear resistance, breaking resistance and tensile force. After printing and dyeing, kraft paper can be used directly without simple treatment or even treatment, unlike paperboard, which needs to be covered with film. This can not only save production costs, but also greatly shorten the production cycle of packaging.

Another advantage of kraft paper is that it can be reused with a very high utilization rate. Even if the handbag made of double copper paper is covered with film, because the hardness and weight are not enough, it will show a soft lying effect, which will affect the beauty, while kraft paper will not.

In addition, compared with the same environmental protection of the original size paper, kraft paper has lower cost and simpler process, which is a very good choice for some small and medium-sized enterprises.

Among all kinds of kraft paper, white kraft paper and black Kraft linerboard are most commonly used to make handbags. In addition, coated kraft linerboard is also used.

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