The origin of kraft paper bags?

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This is a leather paper bag with a story. The first kraft paper bag for shopping. This is a local grocer who can satisfy consumers' desire to buy in order to increase sales. He thought it should be a prefabricated bag with low cost and convenient use. After many experiments, he locked the kraft paper bag. It uses wood fiber, which is treated by caustic soda and alkali sulfide chemicals with mild chemical action in the cooking process, so that the original strength of wood fiber is less damaged. However, the paper produced is closely related to the fiber, Paper is very tough and can bear a lot of weight. Four years later, the first shopping kraft paper bag was born. It has a rectangular bottom, which has a larger capacity than the traditional V-shaped bottom paper bag. A rope runs through both sides of its bottom, which can increase its load-bearing capacity and form two pull rings on the upper end of the paper bag for people to carry. Later, the annual sales volume of this kind of shopping bag has exceeded one million. The original raw material of kraft paper is coniferous pulp.

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