Where can we buy a special gift bag?

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If it's personal needs, less demand, you can directly go online (such as Amazon) to buy spot goods. Or go to the offline boutique to buy gift bags. Now there are many original design gift bags and second-order gift bags on the Internet, with various styles, but the price is uncertain. Some gift bags take the creative route, and the price is often high.


If the manufacturer needs or the brand purchases in large quantities, then it needs to find a factory offline to customize. Factory made gift bags have many advantages in quality, price and design.




Select factory customized gift bags, you can negotiate for many times to determine, modify the details, and before the bulk goods are determined, you can repeatedly determine whether the sample is the product you want. Before shipment, there are professional quality inspectors to inspect the goods.




In terms of price, the manufacturer makes mass customization, and the price is more favorable than that of retail products.




In terms of design, we can provide design drawings, require to print designated patterns or brand logos, enhance product features, and further strengthen brand publicity.


Factory selection should adopt the principle of proximity, which is convenient for field investigation and more cost-effective for freight. If you can't find a suitable factory locally, or through field investigation, the products can't meet your expectations, then you can consider a professional factory (Wenzhou Dreamfly Packaging Co., Ltd.).

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