Paper handbag as a model of high efficiency brand promotion

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People can't let go of the well-designed handbag. Even if there are striking trademarks or advertisements printed on the handbag, customers will be happy to reuse it. This kind of handbag has become one of the most efficient and inexpensive advertising media at present. Moreover, a well-designed printed handbag has greatly improved the quality of goods. As a printed product, the handbag is printed The material of the brush is very important. A fashionable and exquisite handbag will greatly increase the charm of the goods. Especially for women's articles, the exquisite clothing handbag has always been one of the elements to attract women to go shopping. It meets the requirements of fashion and has a graceful and exquisite look.


Printing paper includes kraft paper, white card paper, art paper, copper plate paper, etc. the high-G white card paper bag can not only bear more weight, but also has good printing effect. After determining the material of the handbag printing, it is necessary to determine the printing method selected for the relevant printing material. In general, kraft paper and other paper bags are usually offset printed. In the white cardboard covered with film printing, the pattern becomes the focus in an instant. So as to better reflect the taste of the enterprise and greatly enhance the corporate image.

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