How to match different colors of hand ropes with common paper bags?

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The kraft paper bag can be divided into kraft paper bag and white kraft paper bag. Because the Kraft has not been bleached, it presents a yellow brown color, and the bag body does not need to be covered with film. The kraft paper bag itself has a simple and retro temperament, usually uses jute rope, yellow brown paper rope, dark hand rope, etc.


UNIQLO handbag


White leather paper bag is high white and transparent, and it is often selected to use the red hand rope to highlight its outstanding temperament. Our most familiar UNIQLO handbag is a good example.


The white card paper bag is pure and flawless, and its body is firm. The most commonly used one is to use the white hand rope to further express its immortal spirit. Some manufacturers also use black hand ropes on white paper bags for strong contrast, because black and white are the most classic color combinations in the design field. Strong color collision, easy to remember.


Other black card paper bags, art paper bags and art paper bags use the same color as the bag body to highlight its integrity, which is the most commonly used method. When you don't know which color to match, the same color of the hand rope will not make mistakes.

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