What should be paid attention to in the production of paper handbags?

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    Paper handbag has almost become an indispensable part of our life. Many people like to find a beautiful paper handbag to hold things when they go out, which is convenient and beautiful. Many businesses will design and make a handbag with their own brand printed on it. When we use it in our daily life, it virtually gives businesses free publicity. So the demand for paper handbags in China is very large every year. The future development prospect of paper handbags is very good. Many manufacturers especially hope that their paper handbags can be welcomed by the majority of users and consumers in the market. Then, what problems should be paid attention to in the production of paper handbags in order to achieve this goal?


    In the production of paper handbags, first of all, we should pay special attention to the selection of materials used, because the main function of paper handbags is to carry all kinds of things, which requires that paper handbags have a certain load-bearing capacity. If the materials are not properly selected in the production and production of paper handbags, it will affect the load-bearing capacity of paper handbags, thus affecting the image Product quality. Common paper handbags are made of copperplate paper, white card paper, kraft paper and special paper. One of the most commonly used is 250g white card paper, which has the advantages of low cost, good printing effect, and can increase various processes on the surface, but it must be covered with film, otherwise the toughness is not good. Kraft paper has the advantages of good toughness, not easy to tear, no need to cover film, good feel. Compared with ordinary paper, special paper has the characteristics of high performance, high added value, high technology content and short life cycle. Special paper portable paper bag has good printing effect of coating, good hand feeling of uncoated, pearlescent paper, color card paper, gold and silver card paper, pattern paper and so on!


    The paper handbag must pay attention to the details, which often determine the success or failure. For example, when people use paper-based handlebars, they must hold them, so they must pay special attention to their quality and firmness in the production and production of handlebars. Only if they do well in this respect can they ensure the durability and firmness of paper-based handbag printing products. If the quality of the handle is not good, or the manufacturing process of the handle is not good, which causes the handle to break or fall off, consumers will think that the quality of this handbag is very poor.

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