Why does paper handbag burst?

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    Paper handbag is a common packaging in our daily life. It has a wide range of uses, whether it is food, clothing or crafts will be used, and it can also be recycled, in line with the concept of environmental protection packaging. But in daily use of paper handbags, we often encounter the situation of bursting. Let's analyze the reason for bursting of paper handbags together!


    Common reasons for bursting of paper handbag:


    1. Technological factors: irregular die-cutting; strong manual work; no film covering; ultra-high gram weight; high UV temperature, too deep embossing; low temperature and humidity.


    2. Material factors: low folding resistance of paper; poor quality of film; problems of indentation strip of indentation knife plate.


    Causes of bursting of multi fold part:


    ① the paper has large thickness and stiffness, low folding resistance, low ambient temperature and humidity, and is not covered with film;


    ② the indentation line is not standard, multiple die cutting;


    ③ the bag forming method is not standard, the indentation line is not aligned, and the strength is too large when folding the line

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