What are the optional materials and processes of portable paper bags?

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    Portable paper bags are the most popular hand-held bags nowadays. Because of its low cost and good publicity effect, it is liked by many businesses. What materials are available for general portable paper bags? What techniques can be used to improve the value of portable paper bags?


    1. Material: common paper handbag materials include copper plate paper, single powder card, kraft paper and special paper. Among them, the main use of paper handbags is 250g single powder card. The 250g single powder card has the advantages of low cost, good printing effect, and convenient addition of various processes on the surface. The disadvantage is that it needs to be covered with dumb film or light film or the toughness is not good, so the general single powder card handbags will be covered with film.


    Kraft paper has the advantages of good toughness, not easy to tear, no need to cover film, good feel. The disadvantage is that the printing effect can not reach the single powder card handbag.


    Special paper is generally a kind of paper with high added value for a specific performance and use. Compared with ordinary paper, special paper has the characteristics of high performance, high added value, high technology content and short life cycle. Special paper portable paper bag has good printing effect of coating, good hand feeling of uncoated, pearl paper, color card paper, gold and silver card paper, pattern paper and so on!


    2. Technology: the commonly used technology of paper handbag includes lamination, bronzing, UV, embossing, etc. They have their own characteristics. Customized portable paper bags can be selected reasonably according to their own needs.


    Covering film, covering dumb film or covering light film, the paper bag covered with film can achieve the effect of increasing strength and toughness.


    Gilding, characterized by highlighting the metal texture, is currently the key to highlight the paper bag or logo. Bronzing paper has a variety of colors, including gold, silver, blue, red and so on. Local UV technology is mainly used for pictures or logo words on the handbag covered with dumb film, which can form a strong contrast with the appearance of dumb film to highlight the key effect.


    3. Accessories: the commonly used accessories of the handbag are portable ropes. Generally, three strands of rope, nylon rope, cotton rope, braided belt, etc. can be selected for carrying paper bags. In addition, some heavy items that need to be carried in the handbag will be reinforced with eyelets at the rope holes to prevent the handbag rope from tearing when lifting.


    A complete paper bag handbag is basically composed of the above. Of course, due to the different requirements of various businesses, there are some special crafts or materials that can be used to decorate paper bags, so that paper bags are more beautiful, more beautiful and more attractive to customers.

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