What should be considered in the design of clothing paper bag?

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It is often said that people who do business are generalists. Rather than call them generalists, they should be called all-round fighters. As a business, we should not only know the purchase of clothing, the decoration of shops, but also know the fashion trend of clothing. As a seemingly simple garment paper bag making, we know the design, manufacture and transportation of garment paper bags. Otherwise, the businessmen in business are very worried. Today, let Shanghai maihe packaging talk about the design of garment paper bags. What we need to pay attention to is that as long as this is done well, the design will not be bad at least.

1、 Clothing paper design, the important thing is logo design, which is the mental weapon to face customers.

The key to the success of an enterprise lies in the position of your logo in the hearts of consumers. Every year, people think it's a cat and dog battle on the 11th National Day? Because tmall and JD have gone deep into the hearts of consumers. Therefore, when we make clothing paper bags, we should use common daily things to establish contact with our logo and brand. Only in the design of clothing paper bags, can we enhance the influence of our brand logo, so as to occupy the psychology of consumers.

2、 Skillfully use a spot color to design the clothing paper bag, forming the color association.

We will find that when we see a whole yellow building, we know that it's the seven days hotel. When we see a large blue carton in the supermarket, we know that it's brain platinum. It's because of the color that we associate with. Then we can also take this method in the design of clothing paper bags. Through the use of a large number of special colors, we can add color to us over time In such a scenario, it will arouse our analogy and eventually form transformation and transaction.

3、 Clever use of celebrities to add elements to their clothing bag design to attract fans.

Now, with the proliferation of we media and various live broadcast platforms, many Internet Celebrities and stars have begun to establish their own fashion brands. If your clothing bag design can be connected, it is also a good way to rely on their influence.

Clothing paper bag design is ever-changing. No matter how you do it, you can't do it without the attraction of attraction, consumption and retention. We only need to do it according to the principles, from the aspects of mind and association, then your design will be very attractive.

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