Design and classification of shopping paper bags

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Shopping paper bags are also used as packaging paper bags for shopping. There are many kinds of shopping paper bags on the market, such as plastic shopping bags, non-woven shopping bags and paper shopping bags. Today, Shanghai maihe Packaging Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the design classification of shopping paper bags?

First: advertising shopping bags

Shopping paper bags can use the area of the bag body for advertising, to spread the enterprise and product information to consumers. When consumers carry paper bags with logo on the streets, they are actually advertising for free. The publicity effect is good and the cost is low. Why not.

Second: knowledge based shopping bags

It is to print some knowledgeable patterns, characters, Chinese calligraphy, etc. on the shopping paper bag. Shanghai maihe packaging believes that this kind of shopping paper bag not only provides convenience for consumers, but also edifies people's sentiment, and is also a very wonderful feeling.

Third: gift shopping bags

Our country also attaches great importance to etiquette. During the Spring Festival, people have to bring gifts to contact feelings and set off the atmosphere. When the guests put the gifts in the shopping bags printed with the words "wish you a long life" and "wish you a happy life", what the host sees is not only the gift, but also a kind of heart.

Fourth: Commemorative shopping bags

If it is to commemorate some valuable anniversaries, such as art festival commemoration, travel souvenir bag, etc. This also caters to people's commemorative psychology and honor psychology. When consumers use paper bags, they will have a sense of honor.

Fifth: simple shopping bags

When consumers buy some messy small things when shopping, they need to use simple shopping bags to place them. If businesses can provide them, they will certainly be welcomed by consumers. Giving people convenience is a way of promotion in itself.

Sixth: fashion oriented shopping bags

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