How to see whether the kraft paper bag material is suitable for us?

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Now is the trend of green environmental protection, so is the packaging industry. Now there are two ways to realize environmental protection, the first is to improve the reuse rate, the second is to produce new materials to replace the original materials, and kraft paper bags are recyclable. Under the trend of environmental protection, they are sought after by major businesses, so kraft paper bags are very popular with consumers. Kraft paper bags are also divided into various materials, such as yellow cattle, white cattle and so on. How to reasonably choose the materials that are in line with their own corporate brand culture is also a problem. Now let Shanghai maihe packaging share with you.

First of all, from the color point of view, it is divided into two categories: white kraft paper bag and yellow kraft paper bag.

White kraft paper bag and yellow kraft paper bag can be subdivided into several kinds. Taking white kraft paper bag as an example, they can be divided into native white kraft paper and high white kraft paper. The difference between them lies in the depth of white. If high white kraft paper bag is used, the printing color will be more gorgeous.

The same is true for kraft paper bags. Some manufacturers have developed striped kraft paper with stripes. Of course, some have also developed new types of paper such as pearlescent white kraft, coated white kraft and so on. When we do design, these are things to be considered in advance.

Secondly, in terms of use, kraft paper bags are more widely classified.

As we all know, kraft paper bags have the characteristics of environmental protection, and all industries will use them. Of course, the requirements of each industry are different. In terms of use, factories will also develop functional kraft paper bags, such as oil proof paper bags, water-proof paper bags, and so on. Each of them has its own characteristics, so when designing, we must choose the ones that suit our own needs, so as to obtain the most value .

Third, the classification of kraft paper bags is different with different materials.

The paper bag material is not only related to the raw materials, but also related to the number of layers. The kraft paper bag can also be divided into recycled kraft paper bag, kraft base paper, composite kraft paper bag, wood pulp kraft paper bag and so on. So different materials, hardness, roughness is not the same, for the printing effect is not the same, so in order to make paper bags, we must have enough understanding of this aspect.

After the above introduction, I remind you that if you need to customize kraft paper bags, you should have your own thinking, so that you can correctly choose suitable kraft paper raw materials.

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