Design features of handbag

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The design of handbags in the early years was different from that in the past. Choosing paste handbags is a traditional handicraft industry. But in order to improve production efficiency, save labor costs and costs, are using machines for production and processing. Today's handbags are mainly divided into ordinary packaging bags and exquisite packaging bags. So how are the two kinds of paper bags made?

Ordinary commercial paper bags are generally processed and produced by rotary printing paper bag machine. This production method effectively improves the production efficiency, but its shortcomings are also shown, that is, the surface of the paper bag is rough and not delicate. Often those exquisite shopping bags, are in the use of sheet fed paper, and then color printing, after PP mounting or stamping process. Finally, manual or semi-automatic machine production is carried out by the paper bag manufacturer. Generally, manual threading and knotting are used to complete the production of paper bag.

The advantage of the portable paper bag is that the hand bag can be made of any shape of paper. But this kind of production mode, its production efficiency is very low. This type of paper bag is mostly used for noble commodity packaging as a gift bag. Or as an advertising bag in business activities. Of course, this exquisite handbag also provides portable service for people who often go shopping. Handbag is the first choice of shopping bags nowadays.

At the same time, it is also an effective way of corporate image and product advertising. In the production of handbags at the same time, in addition to pay attention to the tight structure, do not take off the bottom, but also the pursuit of environmental protection, beautiful, delicate and durable. If you are still worried about bag design, you can come to Shanghai maihe packaging. Our handbags are mainly environmental friendly, durable and beautiful. In the production method also has a better promotion and improvement.

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