Do you know the laminating technology used in paper bags?

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Laminating technology is used in paper bag packaging, and it is also a process in the packaging industry. It is also known as post press over molding. This technology entered China in the 1980s, and is very popular among major manufacturers. Today, Shanghai maihe Packaging Co., Ltd. will talk about the role of laminating technology applied in ordinary paper bags? How is it classified?

The paper bag surface lamination is generally divided into two kinds, one is bright film, one is dumb film, their difference lies in the light treatment.

After the paper bag printing is completed, if the dumb film is used, because the dumb film is matted, the reflection of light is not high, so that the printing surface presents a light and shade that is not too bright.

Because of this treatment, the color on the surface of the paper bag is very soft and three-dimensional. No matter from which angle, you can clearly see the printing effect, which will make people feel very tall. That is to say, high-end packaging paper bags will choose dumb film.

On the contrary, ordinary paper bag printing uses a bright film. Because the bright film has not been treated, the light is highly reflective, which makes the printing surface prone to random reflection, but the advantage is that the printing surface will have a very bright brightness.

In this way, the color of the surface of ordinary paper bag is beautiful and transparent. Due to the strong reflection, the printed content can only be found in a certain angle. Because of this feature, many businesses do not like this kind of material very much, but because of the gorgeous color, some businesses are willing to use this kind of material.

What is the function of the film covering process on the surface of ordinary paper bags? Is it to highlight the beauty of printed matter?

The answer is No.

1、 Laminating process is equivalent to adding a layer of film to your printed matter and air. This treatment can reduce the contact surface between printing and air on the surface of paper bag, reduce oxidation reaction erosion, and extend the color life of ordinary paper bag.

2、 Secondly, the laminating process has coated a layer of film on the surface of the printed matter, which can be easily cleaned. The paper bag also has this advantage, which makes the paper bag which is not convenient to clean very easy.

3、 The film has the advantage of stretching, so the paper bag has room for development in the tensile property, so the paper bag is not easy to be damaged, and the toughness can also be improved.

4、 The membrane has the advantage of waterproof. After the paper bag is covered with membrane, the waterproof effect can be greatly improved. This kind of ordinary paper bag can effectively prevent water from contaminating the fragile paper and improve the service life of ordinary paper bag.

After the above introduction, why should ordinary paper bags be covered with plastic film? Do you have a clear understanding of their types? Film mulching is a low-cost and effective way of treatment, and now it is more and more popular with the public.

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