The paper scenery of baking packaging is edible and rational environmental protection becomes the mainstream

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The way of baking and packaging paper


Paper packaging based on paper and paperboard has the advantages of low cost, resource saving, easy machining, more environmental protection, no pollution, easy recycling and recycling.


With the development of three-dimensional specifications, the color and pattern will be more creative and fashionable. The baking packaging will also fully consider the product display, carrying and other needs, and be more practical, so as to increase the appeal to customers. Facing the rapid development of baking industry and various baking packaging, the packaging materials and technical equipment that manufacturers must pay attention to are still the key issues. The rapid development of baking industry drives the diversified development of baking packaging data statistics show that since 2008, the annual growth of sales revenue of domestic baking food industry is around 30%, with an amazing speed. In reality, the penetration of bakery in the third and fourth tier cities and rural markets is increasing, and bakery such as bread has gradually become one of the breakfast staple foods of Chinese residents. From the perspective of age, the consumer group is also expanding, covering from children to the elderly.


Packaging alternative scenery


In recent years, due to the toxic milk events in Japan, mad cow disease events in western countries, carcinogenic rice events and mildewed moon cake events, and Korean kimchi parasite pollution, etc., the psychological panic of food safety has been caused to consumers. With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to their own life and health, and the internationalization of food sales and consumption, the bakery industry will also take safety and health as the primary development goal.


With the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous renewal of technology, the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of baking and cake packaging industry, the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the rapid development of enterprises, baking has maintained the rapid growth of scale efficiency. Thanks to the strong domestic market demand, China's baking and cake packaging industry presents a healthy, rapid and sustainable development trend. However, affected by national policies, the high-end market of baking, especially the high-end market of moon cakes, is no longer popular. The high-end over packaging market represented by moon cakes is shrinking, while the middle and high-end markets are less affected by policies, and the business growth is very fast. The proportion of middle and high-end products in the exhibition is large. The number and area of such enterprises in the exhibition has increased by two times compared with the previous one, and the enthusiasm of the exhibition is high. The promotion of people's living standards, together with more and more attention to food safety issues, make low-end product enterprises to reflect the obvious downward trend of sales, reduce the enthusiasm for participation, and shrink the low-end market. The new competition pattern of baking packaging is forming.


With the enhancement of health awareness and the diversification of personal taste, consumers tend to buy fresh baked bread in bakery. Small portion and single snack baking small package can meet consumers' special preference for controllable quantity and the demand for portable snacks, although the small package contains higher unit cost. It is expected that the form of small share packaging will have a great development prospect.

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