How to choose the materials for paper bag customization?

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Paper bags play a more and more important role in people's life. At the same time, in order to show the factory image and product image, many enterprises choose to customize paper bags. Of course, any product has high, medium and low grades, and the paper bag material is no exception.


First of all, the most common paper is white cardboard. Because of its strong texture, it is enough to bear 3-5kg of weight with a thickness of 210g. Of course, if it's a heavier leather garment or other items, it's better to use 250g white cardboard to bear weight, and the printing effect is also good, and the price is moderate, which is generally the choice of medium and high-grade products. Copperplate is a kind of infrequently used material. Its quality is softer than that of white cardboard. The conventional thickness is 175g. The printing effect is the same as that of white cardboard. It also needs to be coated, and the price is similar to that of white cardboard.


In recent years, a lot of foreign large brand clothing bags are popular with the use of about 180 grams of white kraft paper. Most of the white kraft paper they use is made in foreign countries. This kind of paper bag is more light and not particularly large, because its load-bearing degree is less than that of white cardboard, but the printing is not easy to change color and does not need to be covered with film. Its price is also the highest among all kinds of materials. The portable paper bag manufacturers also This material is often imported. Of course, there are also Kraft materials, which are cheaper than the copper plate paper below, but the printing effect is not as good as other materials, of course, the imported ones are better than the domestic ones.


If the product output value is not high, choosing cheap packaging can save a lot of costs. Gray board paper and double-sided white material are more cost-effective, which can be said to be the cheapest of all paper materials. Gray board paper, as the name implies, refers to the paper with one side white and one side gray. The minimum thickness is 250g. The hardness should be soft. The printing effect is similar to that of white board paper, and it also needs to be covered with film. The double-sided white paper is similar to the gray board paper, but the two sides are white, the middle is gray material, the price is more expensive than the gray board paper, and it can also be used to "fill" the white card paper.


There are so many supplementary materials for paper. I will introduce them in detail when I have time. However, when selecting materials, we should first pay attention to matching the grade of products, and second, we should not blindly pursue the low price. We must confirm samples with manufacturers, and pay attention to the effect of matching with products, so as to avoid the impact of "disharmony".

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