What are the advantages of paper packaging?

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Paper carton packaging is a very common way of packaging, so what are the advantages of this kind of packaging, making it popular?


1 More green environmental protection can reduce environmental pollution. In the past, plastic bags were used for packaging, but with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, plastic packaging has gradually withdrawn from the field of packaging, and the environmental protection benefit of replacing plastic bags with paper box packaging is higher.


2 Be able to recycle and reduce costs. The recycling rate of plastic packaging is very low. Many people will discard it after using it. This is not only not environmentally friendly, but also increases the cost. The paper box packaging can be recycled, even if it is no longer applicable, it can also be recycled, and the cost is relatively affordable.


3Easy to use, the protection of goods is more in place, which brings great convenience to people's life.

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