The gilding effect of gift paper bag is poor. How should we check it

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As a common process of high-end portable gift paper bags, bronzing is highly sought after and loved by consumers because of its height. In order to improve the competitiveness of their products and grasp the psychology of consumers, many businesses adopt this technology more. Since there is technology, there is a gap in technology. Sometimes the bronzing is not good, not only the products are on sale, but also the brand will be affected. I don't think anyone would like to have this kind of thing happen. The gilding effect of gift paper bags is poor. How can we check it? Let the professional paper bag manufacturer Shanghai maihe packaging share it with you.

The stamping process of gift paper bags is mainly related to temperature, pressure and time. These seem simple, but in practice, there will be many problems. The best model is to adapt to local conditions.

1、 The material selection of gift paper bag has a great influence on the stamping process.

If a factory says that all materials can be gilded, then we should doubt its factory strength. Because bronzing is achieved by heat transfer printing, which requires that the surface of the gift paper bag is smooth, and the paper material should not be too loose. If the printing surface is rough, the metal texture will not be printed, and the phenomenon of incomplete printing will occur, which is a very serious problem.

2、 Reasonable temperature is an important factor for your bronzing effect. Can it be kept on the paper bag of hand-held gifts for a long time

Sometimes we will find that when we get the gift paper bag, check that everything is normal, but after a period of time, the bronzing gold will fall off. If you don't understand, some factories will cheat you, saying that your storage method is wrong, in a word, they will push all the problems to you, which has nothing to do with them.

Temperature, as the catalyst of the stamping process, has a very important impact on the effect. If the temperature is too low and cannot be melted, it is likely to cause the effect of not printing and not ironing firmly. There are problems of color fading and lack. If the temperature is too high and the melting is too high, it is possible to make a paste version, which makes the effect of your stamping process not ideal. The patterns and words are pasted together The phenomenon.

3、 The perfect combination of pressure and temperature during hot stamping can make your portable gift bag appear perfectly

Everyone used to play with plasticine when they were young. For the same kind of plasticine, the amount of plasticine they stick to the board is different depending on the strength you put on the board. When stamping, the pressure of the machine is the same. It's all the same.

4、 Constant hot stamping time can make the hand-held gift paper bag more batch

The contact time is directly proportional to the fastness of hot stamping, so we must find a professional manufacturer, so the life of the gift paper bag will be longer. At the same time, in a constant time, it can let you better adjust the pressure and temperature, so as to find the place where the hot stamping error occurs.

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