Overview of handbag and environmental protection concept

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Overview of the bag contains part of the paper can be called a handbag. There are many kinds of materials and styles for handbags. According to the material can be divided into: white cardboard paper bag, white cardboard paper bag, copper paper bag, kraft paper bag, a small amount of special paper. According to the different ways of bag edge, it can be divided into four types of paper bag: open seam bottom bag, open adhesive corner bottom bag, valve type suture bag, valve type flat hexagon end bottom adhesive bag. According to the different ways of handle and hole digging: NKK (drilling rope), NAK (no hole with rope, divided into no mouth fold and standard mouth fold), dCK (cordless bag body hole digging handle), BBK (tongue mouth without punching). According to different uses, it can be divided into file bags, envelopes, handbags, cement bags, feed bags, clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags and so on. Different uses are mainly based on the size of the design specifications, including the thickness of the paper bags have different requirements, according to the actual use to customize, to achieve the purpose of economic applicability, in order to save raw materials, green environmental protection, enterprise capital investment, to provide more protection.

As we all know, paper is a recyclable resource. The raw material of papermaking is plant fiber, which contains not only cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, but also less components, such as resin and ash. In addition, there are sodium sulfate and other auxiliary components. In addition to plant fiber, different fillers should be added according to different paper materials. The commonly used plastic bags are made of polyethylene, and the raw material used is petroleum, which is our scarce energy. Compared with hand-held paper bags, the raw materials are trees, which are renewable resources. It is also easy to degrade and recyclable, so it is a very environmentally friendly portable paper bag.

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