What should be considered in the design of portable paper bags?

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1、 Determination of bag size:

When designing a handbag, we need to determine the size of the bag, because the size of the bag is closely related to the items placed. If it is too large, it will waste paper materials. If it is too small, it is not convenient to place and take. So the key point of bag design is the size of bag.

2: How to install it? Is the handbag horizontal? Or vertical handbag?

Of course, we have to consider how to put it in order to save space. Is it horizontal or vertical? At this time to consider the size of the printing paper, when some things horizontal bag width will appear very long, resulting in the paper printing length is not enough. It is better to print the whole bag instead of printing in half, which will cause color difference and reduce the bonding process. Of course, if the horizontal and vertical installation is beyond the range of paper, you can only choose double printing, and two pieces of paper are glued to form a paper bag!

Generally, if the printing area of the paper is allowed, the vertical long items are packed vertically, such as wine packaging handbags, cigarette bags, gift bags and so on. Men's items are mostly packed horizontally, such as tea bags, moon cakes bags and so on. It mainly depends on what kind of bags are suitable for what kind of items.

The size of the goods and the way of placing the goods. After measuring the maximum size of the goods, we start to determine the size of the handbag. The normal length direction should be longer, and the width can be less relaxed. It seems that the handbag is small, but it's more realistic. I'm satisfied with the gift giving!

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