What are the "hidden rules" about the price of kraft paper bags?

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Kraft paper bags, as the future environmental protection and green packaging, are favored by the broad masses of people. In reality, we will see a lot of big brands in the world are using kraft paper bags as packaging bags. Large enterprises naturally enjoy VIP treatment wherever they go because they are rich. However, due to the small quantity and low unit price, some start-ups are often difficult to find suitable suppliers Haimaihe packaging manufacturers come to talk with you about kraft paper bags. Where do you sell them? What's the price of kraft paper bags?

1、 Where does kraft paper bag sell commonly, according to oneself dimensions, oneself set search condition on the net.

As a seller, when you decide to use kraft paper bags as the outer packaging, you should make good use of the network. When we are small businesses, in the choice of keywords, we can use "kraft paper bag wholesale" to do.

For example, when we are a start-up, we can search for key words on the Internet, such as "kraft paper bag customization" and "paper bag factory". Of course, the key is that we should communicate more with the factory and ask them whether they have large customers preparing for production recently, what their size and material are, if the situation is similar to ours We can make our products according to the size and materials of our customers. The advantage is that in many processes such as raw materials, the price we get is the price of big customers, which naturally reduces the cost.

2、 How to calculate the price of kraft paper bags? There are many ways in this.

Customers who often need kraft paper bags will encounter such a problem. When they design, their size doesn't change much, even sometimes the size becomes smaller, but the price doesn't change. Sometimes one thousand kraft paper bags are also printed, but there is a big difference between the price of three kinds of 1000 bags and one kind of 1000 bags. What's the reason? The price depends on your material utilization.

Secondly, kraft paper bag printing is unique, sometimes more than one number will have a great impact on the product, more than one number and no number, are required on the machine fees, mold fees, plate fees, although it looks very similar, but this is completely different, the more the number, the less the cost sharing, which is also the reason for the big price gap between 1000 three models and 1000 one model.

3、 The price of kraft paper bag is definitely different from that of normal process.

All those who have done logistics know that the logistics industry is afraid of unplanned intermittent incoming goods, so it is difficult to arrange the number of trucks and the size of containers, and the construction period of kraft paper bags is also the same, because any enterprise needs to arrange orders according to the factory process, so the natural rhythm of planned production arrangement is very good, but if your orders are not met If you are in a hurry, you will be faced with inserting orders. It's not difficult to understand why the price of an urgent order is very expensive. Because of your own reasons, it increases the production cost. Of course, you need to bear the consequences yourself.

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