"Innovation" of cake box design (2)

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Today, there are also experts in the packaging industry who advocate those old design concepts: "design innovation must provide guiding principles for the packaging box design under the guiding ideology of design conception, and endow the cultural connotation and style characteristics of the design works. Make the design works more personalized, professional and distinctive. It sounds like I always feel like I'm designing fireworks. How can experts never mention consumers or take care of consumers' psychology? How can we not deny the past packaging form and thinking frame? What about the innovative theory of "realizing a new organization" mentioned by master Schumpeter? In the modern society where the consumption level and product innovation are greatly enriched, in order to obtain more consumers and expand a wider market, those professional marketing organizations or professional planners classify the market in different ways, and then plan the product development and market strategy of the product enterprise according to these detailed market segments, So that the product can quickly cover a variety of consumer groups, so as to achieve the marketing purpose of market influence and increase sales. However, the traditional packaging design is far away from these marketing ideas and marketing thinking. It is still designed for packaging box design, not for market power, marketing power, sales power and consumer decision-making. It's a common problem in the industry, it's a stubborn disease... Unfortunately, I came across a paper on packaging innovation today. The conclusion says: "only by constantly breaking through the Convention in product packaging, can the products of enterprises produce novel and unique consumption experience in the hearts of consumers and expand the popularity of products. Product packaging designers should clearly realize that innovative thinking plays an important role in packaging design. Only by clarifying innovative ideas and methods can designers be more effectively guided to innovate. "

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