Three processes of packaging box design

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The design and manufacture of packaging box is the key link of the whole paper bag production process. Most packaging is the extension of corporate image and commodity advertising strategy, and in order to control the production and quality, it is necessary to make a complete and clear set of operation engineering drawings in the design. In most cases, the product needs to be proofed and confirmed. Proofing in design is not only the verification of technology, but also the basis of customer confirmation and production samples. So what processes do you need to carry out in the design of packaging box? 1. Market Research and analysis packaging box research can be divided into two types, one is cyclical and extensive, the other is temporary and targeted, which needs to be analyzed after detailed data research. ① Selling points of commodities; ② The expected life cycle of the commodity; ③ How to set up the image of commodities; ④ The purpose of purchase, consumption expectation and consumption status 2. Design creativity and sketch at the beginning of packaging design, we need to clarify the scope of packaging design. According to the characteristics of different commodities, the focus of packaging creativity is different. ① Visual expression; ② Structural changes; ③ The uniqueness of container modeling 3. Design effect and production packaging design is different from other graphic design, although the design is carried out on the packaging development drawing, which is a plane visual effect, but the finished product is three-dimensional. ① Three dimensional effect drawing; ② Model performance; ③ In order to improve the taste and grade of packaging box, designers need to pay attention to the above three aspects, and also use their brains on the surface decoration technology after printing. The flexible use of bronzing, UV, glazing, colorful, concave convex and flocking also makes the paper bag bright, three-dimensional and more expressive. Of course, no matter what finishing process is adopted, designers should consider the economic utilization of paper materials and the rationality of process design.

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