Main cost components of packaging box

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The main cost composition of packaging box in today's fierce market competition, cost control is more and more important. Packaging color box is no exception. Whether it is low, medium and high-end products of color box packaging. They are faced with the problem of cost control. After all, the cost saved is net profit. Boshi printing and packaging relies on years of industry experience. More and more achievements have been made in cost saving for customers. Generally speaking, there is one point: the right product positioning + the right packaging material + the right process. It is called "three in one principle" for short. Let's talk about several cost components of color box packaging. paper: there are many types of paper. The price of different paper is naturally different, and the price of the same paper is also different because of different brands. printing: there are mainly several types of printing, according to the size of the machine, including full boot, dual boot, four boot, six boot, etc. According to color, there are 4C + 4C, 4C + 1, 4C, 2C, 1c. UV printing has 6C + 1, 8C + 1. According to the type of printing: ordinary printing + UV printing. surface treatment: over film, over oil polishing, UV, stamping, embossing, etc. process structure: hardcover box, card box, pit box, etc. in addition to the above aspects, the cost factor is also related to the complexity of the process, the number of specific color boxes and the number of each type. Customers can actively communicate with manufacturers according to their own needs, so as to control the cost and maximize the benefits, which will naturally achieve a win-win effect.

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