Sales strategy of cake box

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Every time we walk into the supermarket, facing a large number of commodity groups, there is always a sense of inexplicable excitement. This is packaging at work! 1. The ultimate goal of marketing strategy packaging is sales. To achieve this goal, we need not only good packaging design, but also clear marketing strategy. ① Good identification; ② Clear pertinence; 2. Brand strategy successful brand has good identification and unique personality, its brand image is impressive, can let consumers in the choice without hesitation. The market is no longer simply a market of quantity or quality competition, but a market of brand competition. ① Trust and satisfaction; ② Logo and color; ③ In the commercial society, environmental protection strategy is inseparable from commodities at any time, and packaging is also growing with the development of Commerce. In modern society, commodities are almost inseparable from packaging. In the face of such a market environment, many people point the spearhead of environmental pollution at packaging. In this case, the concept of "green packaging" has entered the public's attention. ① Packaging materials; ② Production process; ③ , recycling; ④ Concept publicity

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