How to make paper food containers? What should be paid attention to when making paper food containers?

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1. Basic conditions: determine the length, width and height of paper food containers


Generally three-layer paper food container, the thickness of paper is 3. About 5mm, five layer paper food container is about 7mm, so you should first measure the length, width and height of your actual items. Then add the thickness of the paper food container (add 0 at the height of the paper food container as much as possible). 5MM). It is the size of the outer box of the paper food container. Generally, the default size of the paper food container factory is the size of the outer box. Dimension design of outer box: generally, the width data is small, which is the most economical material. So according to the situation of our own goods, we must tell the paper food container factory whether the size you said is the outer box size or the inner box size.


2. Select the material of paper food container


According to the weight of their own goods, as well as their own cost situation, we can reasonably choose the material of paper food containers. paper food containers are made of cardboard, so we need to understand the concept of cardboard. Our ordinary paper food containers are made of corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard split paper, corrugated paper, core paper and lining paper. The quality of the material is generally related to the weight of each square meter The heavier the square meter, the better the quality. The weight of paper is 120 grams 140 grams 170 grams 200 grams 250 grams. In general, the paper of paper food containers is smooth in appearance, and the handle hardness can be distinguished by paper, and the paper in the whole market will not differ too much.


3. Selection of thickness of paper food container


paper food containers are classified according to the corrugated type: the thickness of paper food containers is generally three, five, seven and nine layers. Approximate thickness of three layers: 0. About 3mm, five layers thickness: 0. About 7mm, seven layers thickness: 0. 9MM or so. The third floor is also called single pit, and the fifth floor is called double pit. The thickness of the strengthened paper food containers is the same, only hardness.


4. Printing problems


In general, the larger the surface area of printing, the higher the cost. Of course, it also depends on the number of colors. Once the paper food containers are printed, they cannot be modified. Therefore, we must confirm the printed content with the paper food container manufacturer many times. Some small mistakes can be covered with stickers or warm water stickers of the same color as the appearance of paper food containers, but they are not beautiful enough. They should give the most accurate printing materials as much as possible, and supervise the paper food containers manufacturers to print strictly according to the requirements.


5, sample box


If the intention of cooperation with the paper food container manufacturer is determined, and the quotation paper and cooperation mode are agreed, the paper food container manufacturer can be required to provide sample boxes. Generally, the paper food container samples are not printed, mainly to determine the paper, size and process quality.


6. Initial order quantity


paper food container factories all have a minimum order quantity problem, the minimum order quantity is 30 square meters. Different paper food containers have different orders. Generally, it is recommended to make more paper food containers at one time. The less you order, the more expensive the price will be.


7. Special tips


Hardness of paper food containers: as long as it is rainy or wet, even the original hard paper food containers will become soft (the same as the new ones).


8. Color of paper food container


The color of all paper food containers and boards cannot be 100% the same as that of the last time. If the color requirements are extremely high, it must be communicated with the paper food containers manufacturer.

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