How to choose the material of paper bag customization?

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    Now, no matter in product sales and all kinds of promotional activities, paper bags are necessary. The more exquisite the paper bag printing, the higher its packaging, and of course, the higher the cost, so how to choose materials for the paper bag customization to make a paper bag with low cost and high height?


    I. paper of handbag


    Paper bags are used for paper selection, and 157G, 200g copperplate paper is usually used for meetings. Because this kind of paper is tough and flat, with good appearance and moderate price, and the bearing capacity varies according to the processing technology and thickness. If it is to place heavy articles, 250g copper plate paper or 250g or more cardboard printing can be selected. In addition, because of its strong toughness and good environmental protection, white kraft paper has been applied to the paper bag printing in recent years. Generally, 120g or 140g white or yellow kraft paper can be selected. The price of this kind of paper is relatively high, so that the paper bag can be printed with oil to prevent it from being scratched.


    II. Paper bag rope


    The paper bag's rope is the key to determine the durability of the paper bag. The rope can be divided into nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. Among them, the nylon rope has the strongest toughness, the cotton rope has the best grip, and the paper rope has the best design sense. The price can be roughly listed as nylon rope, paper rope, cotton rope, etc. from low to high. Of course, this is not an absolute price, mainly according to the different prices of the manufacturing process According to the use, if the weight of the load-bearing items is higher, nylon rope is recommended. If it is lighter, paper rope can be selected. If the grip is more important, cotton rope is the best choice.


    In any case, the paper bag must match the product grade when making the paper bag customization selection, so as to show the advantages of the paper bag customization.

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