How to make kraft paper bag?

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    With the improvement of people's quality and cultural level, more and more people are paying more and more attention to the consumption concept of environmental protection. People have higher and higher requirements for paper bags. They not only pay attention to the environmental protection and aesthetics of paper bags. Due to the use of new materials made of paper bags, then the kraft paper bags have become a favorite.


    Kraft paper bags are mainly made of composite materials. Due to the environmental protection characteristics of kraft paper bag, kraft paper bag has become a recognized environmental protection paper bag. Kraft paper bags are now widely used in the streets.


    For kraft paper bags, we all know, but do you know how to make kraft paper bags? Let's learn about kraft paper bags


    The kraft paper bags are different in size and specification according to the paper bags themselves. The methods can be divided into small white kraft paper bags, medium-sized kraft paper bags and large bags.


    Small white cowhide paper bag method: This paper bag is completely formed by assembly line machine and pasted with rope. Due to its short time, fast efficiency and low cost, this kind of bag is generally used in a wide range and is economical, which makes it a bag for bulk use.


    The medium-sized paper bag is mainly made and formed by machine, and is completed by manual rope sticking.


    Due to the limitation of machine and equipment, the big bag is only made by hand, so its cost will increase, time-consuming and inefficient.


    Therefore, every kraft paper bag, its processing process is relatively cumbersome, and every process should be checked layer by layer, so the kraft paper bag is the best.

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