Basic knowledge of grease-proof paper bag

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Grease-proof paper bags should be very common in our daily life. What do you know about the basic knowledge of oil resistant paper bags? The main material of paper bag is plant fiber. The main components of paper bags are hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin, resin, ash, etc. Paper bags are made of trees and are a renewable resource.


Grease-proof paper bag is mainly made of kraft paper, of course, white paper can also be used. Oil resistant paper bags are commonly used in the food industry, such as pancakes, fruits, chicken chops, chicken popcorn and other greasy snacks.


Grease-proof paper bags have had a great impact on our life since they were used in 1980. Oil proof paper bags are also occupying the market more and more, playing an irreplaceable role and contribution in the food industry.

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