Why paper packaging should be exquisite

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1) Excellent product image. More and more companies regard packaging as a silent salesman, which requires packaging not only to attract customers, but also to make customers understand the relevant information of the product from the packaging. There are two main methods: first, use vivid color photos to truly reproduce the product image, so that the format and content are as detailed as they are, so that customers can know the product itself at a glance at the packaging image. This is more popular in food packaging, such as chocolate, ice cream, sugar and so on. Lifelike color photos show the color, fragrance, taste and shape of the products to be coveted; secondly, transparent or translucent packaging is used to directly show the product image, which is very popular in beverage, textile and other packaging.


2) Text packaging images are very popular. Packaging is the carrier of the logo, and the word appellation is often used as the logo of the brand. Therefore, it is no wonder that the packaging image composed of the functional words is becoming more and more popular with manufacturers. The main reason is that the word image is concise and bright, generally evolved from the brand appellation, which is more conducive to the excellent brand image.


3)  Simplify the packaging image. A research organization in the United States has studied the packaging image in the past hundred years, and found an amazing trend: almost any image planning, presents a trend of change from messy to simple. We look around the world famous brands, their packaging images are very simple, even to the point of no image.

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