The status of food paper bag in life

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Now some consumers seldom use plastic bags, but the status of paper bags is getting higher and higher. Next, we will talk about the problems of using plastic bags for food.


First, look at the appearance. If the appearance of the food bag is very rough, defective, the color is not correct, there are impurities, and the printing quality is poor, it is better not to purchase. The appearance quality of food paper bags is not up to standard, which will directly affect the rejection of consumers. The appearance quality is not up to standard, but also reflects the internal quality is not good, affecting the use.


Second, smell, have peculiar smell is mainly the use of inferior additives. The smell emitted will harm human health. It is better not to use it.


Third, try it. In order to attract customers, some products have bright colors on the surface. In the process of use, the pigments will come out slowly. These are industrial pigments. Consumers can test by themselves to see if the dark color is qualified. They can stick a little vinegar on the degreased cotton ball, and then rub it back and forth on the surface of the food bag. If the cotton ball is stained with color, the product is unqualified.


Fourth, we should not be greedy for small and cheap products. We can not judge the internal quality of products simply from the appearance. Some products are exquisite in appearance, but the raw materials used do not meet the national health standards, so the internal quality of products is difficult to guarantee. It is recommended not to buy products with extremely low prices.


So the above points are about how to identify product packaging bags. There are many problems in the use of food plastic bags. I think it's safer to use food paper bags. Now most of the food industry is using food paper bags, so it's more and more popular with consumers, so the status of food paper bags in the food industry is getting higher and higher.

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