Why are more and more famous brands using the kraft paper bag?

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    A few years ago, when I went to shopping malls to buy clothes, shoes and other items, I used a lot of plastic bags when packing things. However, in recent years, plastic bags have almost disappeared, replaced by kraft paper bags.


    Why do a lot of big companies use kraft paper bags now? First of all, because kraft paper bag is a new type of environmental protection material, which is easy to decompose and can be recycled, many famous enterprises have begun to join the environmental protection army and expand the trend with their own influence.


    Secondly, compared with other paper bags, kraft paper bags are cheaper. Many enterprises also consider from the perspective of cost control. Thirdly, from the perspective of appearance, kraft paper bags are more simple and atmospheric, close to nature. Zara, as a successful case in the clothing industry, is also an affordable combination of kraft paper bags for monochrome printing.


    After reading so much, we all know why kraft paper bags are more and more popular with big brands. From the perspective of environmental protection, texture, cost saving and other aspects are better.

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