Classification of portable paper bags

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There are many kinds of handbags. According to the thickness of the bags, their functions, appearance and contents are different. According to the different classification of materials, it can be divided into

1. White card paper bag

2. Whiteboard bag

3. Coated paper bag

4 kraft paper bag

Classified by specific forms

1、 Advertising handbag


According to different uses, handbags can also be divided into promotional handbags, brand handbags, VI design promotion handbags, etc.


1. Shopping bag


2. Promotional handbag


3. Brand handbag


4. VI design and promotion of handbags


2、 Gift bag


3、 Decorative handbag


4、 Knowledge bag


5、 Commemorative handbag


6、 Simple handbag


7、 Time oriented handbag


8、 Antique handbag


We often use white cardboard bags, white cardboard bags, coated paper bags and kraft paper bags. There are hundreds of different printing types of bags, with different shapes, different functions, different appearance and different contents. The store printed the product design and publicity information on the beautiful shopping bag, which was welcomed by consumers. After the purchase, people still have a new feeling.

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