What knowledge do you need to know before customizing French fries boxes?

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To customize a French fries box, you need to know the following:


Material selection: Understand the properties of different materials, such as cardboard, plastic, etc., as well as their environmental friendliness, durability, and cost.


Size and Design: Determine the size of your chip box, considering the size and quantity of chips, as well as the appropriate design, including branding, patterns and colors.


Printing Technologies: Learn about different printing technologies such as offset printing, digital printing, etc. and their impact on design and cost.


Production process: Be familiar with the production process of French fries boxes, including mold making, printing, cutting, folding and gluing.


Packaging requirements: Consider the packaging requirements of the French fries boxes, such as stacking, transportation and storage, to ensure that the boxes are not deformed or damaged during use.


Regulations and Standards: Understand relevant food safety regulations and packaging standards to ensure that your potato chip boxes comply with laws, regulations and industry standards.

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