Things you need to pay attention to when customizing paper French fries boxes!

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When customizing paper French fries boxes, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Size and Capacity: Make sure the box is the right size to hold the required number of fries while being easy to carry and use.

Material selection: Choose paper materials that meet food safety standards to ensure that the box will not have a negative impact on the fries and has sufficient carrying capacity.

Print Design: Carefully design the appearance of the box, including attractive graphics, logos and clear text to enhance brand image and product recognition.

Grease-proof treatment: If the fries contain grease, you need to ensure that there is an anti-leak coating on the surface of the box to prevent grease from penetrating and causing packaging damage.

Sustainability considerations: Consider using recyclable or degradable materials to reduce environmental impact, in line with modern consumer concerns about sustainable packaging.

Production lead time: Ensure suppliers can produce and deliver on time to avoid production disruptions and delays to market.

Cost and budget: On the premise of ensuring quality, control production costs and ensure that the customization of the box does not exceed the budget.

Taking the above factors into consideration, you can ensure that the paper potato chip box can meet the needs in terms of appearance, quality and function, and provide an effective packaging solution for the brand.

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