What is the difference between food-grade paper and ordinary paper used in the production of French fries boxes?

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The main difference between food-grade paper and regular paper used in the production of French fries boxes is its purpose and production process. Food-grade paper usually meets strict hygiene standards to ensure it does not affect food safety. It may be specially processed or have substances added to make it water- and oil-resistant to prevent food penetration and contamination. In addition, food-grade paper may undergo more stringent quality control and inspection to ensure compliance with relevant food safety regulations.

On the contrary, ordinary paper may not have been specially treated and does not have the waterproof and oil resistance of food-grade paper, so it is not suitable for packaging that comes into direct contact with food. It may be used for general packaging, printing or office purposes.

In general, food-grade paper is more suitable for food packaging such as French fries boxes than ordinary paper because it can ensure the safety and hygiene of food.

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