How should the materials of French fries boxes be innovated and improved?

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To improve your French fries box innovation, consider the following: First, use environmentally sustainable materials, such as biodegradable plastic or recyclable cardboard, to reduce your environmental impact. Secondly, the box structure is designed to make it more compact, reduce material usage while maintaining stability, and improve transportation efficiency. Third, add smart designs, such as foldable structures, to facilitate consumers to put away the box after use and reduce the volume of garbage. Additionally, a reusable coating can be applied to the surface of the box to make it more durable and easy to clean. Finally, by using colorful printing, eye-catching patterns, or elements related to a specific theme, you can enhance the visual appeal of the French fries box, increase brand recognition, and encourage consumers to purchase. Through these innovations, French fries boxes can better meet the needs of environmental protection, convenience and aesthetics.

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