What is the most cost-effective customized size of portable paper bags?

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    The size of the portable paper bag should be determined according to the style of the portable paper bag. In general, the portable paper bag is divided into horizontal type and vertical type, with different sizes. What kind of size, then, can we make the best use of raw materials to a large extent, so that the price performance of portable paper bags is the highest? Let's discuss it together!


    A handbag is actually an overall unfolding drawing, which is made by printing, cutting and processing. Due to the limitation of the overall width of the paper, the size of the handbag determines the waste degree of the paper. The leftover bits and pieces of the paper can't be used any more, and can only be sold as garbage in the form of waste paper, so we can design according to our needs Try to lean on some standard sizes, because these sizes are calculated by us, which are the most suitable for paper and the most realistic price.


    From the perspective of vertical paper bags, we generally recommend the following sizes for consumers:


    31 × 12 × 40cm, 26 × 12 × 36cm, 25 × 11 × 32cm, 22 × 11 × 28cm, 16 × 8 × 21cm (L × w × h)


    According to the ratio of length, width and h

eight to design, these paper bags are the most material saving sizes, which can make your products cost-effective.


    Because the height of the horizontal paper bag is not high, but the length becomes longer, and the effect of the unfolding drawing is naturally different. For the size of the horizontal paper bag, the best use is natural and changed. If we still apply the above size, just change the height and length, the effect of the production will certainly be different. We generally recommend the size of the horizontal paper bag.


    13 × 9 × 3, 15 × 11 × 3, 20 × 14.5 × 5, 32 × 23 × 7, 39 × 29 × 6, 45 × 34 × 8 (L × w × h)


    These are all configured according to the ratio of length, height and width. If we use these sizes to design the handbag, the paper utilization will be very high.


    In the actual production, the materials and goods are uncertain. If the size of the goods is similar to the size of the paper bag we recommend, we can naturally follow the design. But if the size of the paper bag is quite different, I still suggest that customers do not save a little money in order to make your consumers feel bad. After all, the purpose of making handbags is to In order to better serve consumers, if in order to save costs, the paper bag size is too rigid, then the purpose of saving money is achieved, but it will make your consumers away from you.


    The size of the handbag is ever-changing. No matter the material or the product, we should take the customer's experience as the first step. On this basis, we are comparing according to the standard size. If possible, our choice is correct, and vice versa.

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