What is the top priority of food paper packaging safety?

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    Food paper packaging has appeared in every corner of our daily life. In the supermarket, paper boxes, paper bags, paper barrels and paper cans are all in full view. Grains, flour, rice, snacks and biscuits are all put in paper bags and paper cans. All kinds of drinks, such as juice, vegetable juice, milk and yoghurt, are packed in paper boxes. Paper bags are also widely used in fast-food restaurants, street stands and cinemas. Oil fried food, snacks and popcorn are also widely used. The use of steaming paper and baking paper is also increasing year by year. However, it should be noted that the media frequently exposed scandals about food packaging because some unlicensed factories used non food grade paper and ink at will. It can be said that from the source, to prevent unqualified paper from entering the field of food paper packaging is the top priority of food safety issues.


    One of the problems of spot check paper is the addition of fluorescent brightener. Fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of chemical dye, which has carcinogenic effect and poses a potential threat to people's health. According to regulations, it is not allowed to be used on food packaging. Some manufacturers use recycled paper in whole or in part in the production process. There may be fluorescent brighteners in recycled waste paper. In addition, adding fluorescent brightener to waste pulp can increase the brightness of paper, which is much cheaper than using original wood pulp. When waste paper is used to produce paper, although the ink and pigment can be removed by deinking, toxic substances such as lead, pickaxe and polychlorinated biphenyls can still remain in the paper pulp, which will pollute the food when it is used as food packaging paper.


    Paper has been used as food packaging for many years in foreign countries. In the United States, before the food goes on the market, manufacturers should provide FDA with information about the safety performance, chemical composition of packaging materials and the impact on the environment. FDA should carry out a series of tests on packaging materials, including how to transfer and accumulate the chemical substances in the packaging under the conditions of heating, refrigeration, high pressure, etc., how many such substances the consumers may contact or absorb in the end, and how low the content is not to affect health, etc. After that, FDA will issue packaging safety report to determine whether to approve such packaging for marketing. If you use food packaging without FDA certification, you will be severely punished.

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