What is the difference between food grade paper and plain paper used in food paper packaging?

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    The packaging paper used for food paper packaging is oil-resistant and food grade packaging paper meeting the safety requirements of food packaging. Food grade packaging paper used for food paper packaging does not contain fluorescent whitening agent and harmful ingredients to human body, and can be used for food packaging and other industries. However, ordinary packaging paper generally requires high whiteness, which is harmful to human body and can not be directly used in food packaging. In production, the two processes are the same. Food grade has high requirements on the environment of the production workshop, high requirements on the composition of paper, and can not contain substances harmful to human body. In the process of food contact materials contacting with food, its components or ingredients (including various additives) may migrate to food in small amount under the use conditions. If these migrations contain some toxic and harmful components, it will cause potential health hazards.


    The world food packaging Association released a survey report on instant noodle barrels, milk tea cups, disposable paper cups and paper bowls, which showed that the fluorescent substance content of the outer layer paper of the double-layer paper products used by many famous brands in China exceeded. According to the analysis of relevant professors, the reason why the fluorescent substances in the outer layer of paper containers such as instant noodles barrel and milk tea cup are over spent is likely to be the use of non food grade paper or even waste paper. Therefore, we also have doubts that if paper products are rich in fluorescent substances.


    How do consumers purchase and use food paper packaging? Today I'd like to tell you a rule of "one look, two smell, three steps".


    First of all, it is necessary to see whether the identification information on the outer package, such as the information of the production enterprise, the symbol and number of the production license, the date of production and the shelf life, the storage and application conditions, is complete; the color of the food paper package should not be too gorgeous; the food paper package should not have impurities when viewed in the light.


    The second is to smell the smell of food paper packaging, especially the taste of ink, or the taste of mildew.


    The third is to start pinching. Good food paper packaging is very hard and resilient. The defective food paper packaging is usually very soft after pinching, without rebound function, and flattened after pinching.

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