How are high quality paper bags made?

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    As an important way of product publicity and corporate image display, it helps consumers to identify the product information of the enterprise and stimulate their desire to buy, so as to improve the sales volume and brand awareness of the enterprise. So, in the process of making paper bags, what are the key points to pay attention to?


    Paper bag material


    The most basic purpose of paper bags is to hold or protect goods. When making them, we must consider the selection of materials. The material of paper handbag is 157G, 200g copperplate paper. If you need to use it to hold heavy articles, you can use 300g copper plate paper or more than 300g cardboard for printing. On this basis, the strength can also be increased by film covering or sub film.


    Product positioning of handbag


    Product positioning includes brand positioning, consumer object positioning and value positioning. When designing a handbag, we can assume a target object and think about its values and aesthetic interests, so that the designed handbag can have soul. In addition, we can also look for other brand handbags of the same grade, the same variety or the same value orientation for comparison, so as to find our own positioning.


    Handbag design style


    The design style of the paper bag includes the font, color, picture and layout of the handbag. Before the design, the designer studies several excellent works, establishes and strengthens the separation point on the handbag, and endows the unique value proposition and soul of his product on the paper bag.


    The handbag should be printed with sample


    After comparing the effect pictures of paper bags from a long view and a close view, it is not 100% accurate. The most accurate thing is to make a sample manuscript, make a real appearance, and constantly review it for confirmation!


    Follow up the above production points, a high-quality paper bag can be produced!

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